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Folsom Prison YDP
(Youth Diversion Program)

The Folsom State Prison (FSP) Youth Diversion Program is a structured inmate self-help program designed to utilize FSP staff and outside sponsors to introduce and educate youth, referred from the local community, to the realities of prison life.  It is the intent of this project to educate and offer to the community a resource whereby youth participating in this program will be exposed to the real life experiences of inmates incarcerated in a correctional facility, as a deterrent to youth involvement in criminal behavior.  It is the objective of this program to develop effective methods of informing youth of the potential results of errant behavior and foster a respect for the law, themselves, and their communities.  The goal of this program is to aid in the reduction of youth involved in criminal behavior by increasing youth and community awareness and promoting positive alternatives.

SAL is partnering with Folsom State Prison to allow boys ages 12-17 to participate in their Youth Diversion Program. If interested in scheduling your youth for a tour please contact Deputy Michael Drummond.

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