Sheriff's Activities League

After School with SAL:"After School with SAL” at the Boys & Girls Club in South Sacramento is held every Tuesday and Thursday. The program allows those attending the Boys & Girls Club to interact with deputies while they engage in their regular activities at the club.  These interactions allow deputies and our youth to communicate effectively through various venues.

SAL Break Dancing Club:  SAL has partnered with Valley Hi School to offer the students the opportunity to learn the art of break dancing in a fun and safe enviornment!  The club promotes breakdancing for both boys and girls.  During the club, teens learn break dancing moves and routines.  For more information please contactDeputy Saelee at

SAL Friday Night Hoops: Held every Friday at the Boys and Girls Club in South Sacramento 5:00 p.m. and at the Family Life Center in South Sacramento at 7:00 p.m. For more information Click Here.

FNH at the Family Life Center is geared toward teens 13yrs-18yrs old.  At FNH SAL Deputies play basketball with the youth and get to know them as a person.  Deputies are building relationships with the community youth in the process.  For more information Click Here