Sheriff's Activities League

After School With SAL-Held at the Boys and Girls Club (5212 Lemon Hill, Sacramento) every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. This program offers kids the opportunity to hang out and interact with SAL deputies after school at the club.    

Cooking with SAL-Offers kids at the Boys and Girls Club (5212 Lemon Hill, Sacramento) the opportunity to learn how to cook various types of food with guidance from SAL deputies.

Council for Young Men- SAL deputies conduct a Council for Young Men program at Bowling Green Elementary and the Boys and Girls Club in South Sacramento each week. The Council for Young Men is a nationally recognized mentoring/intervention program geared towards at-risk youth, reinforcing the purpose of making good choices.  The class also helps deputies make and foster mentoring relationships.  School administration identified several students to participate in the program that could benefit from structure and a positive forum to address anger and behavioral issues.

FC SAL-Provides an opportunity for youth to participate in competitive soccer leagues and clinics coached by SAL deputies.  Each student has to provide report cards and be in good standing at school to participate in the program.

Friday Night Hoops- Every Friday at the Family Life Center (4039 14th Ave).  Friday Night Hoops provides kids 12 to 17 an opportunity to show off their basketball skills and interact with deputies on a positive level on an inside basketball gym.  During the event, SAL purchases different kinds of food for the kids to enjoy!

Futsal with SAL- SAL has partnered with Foothill Middle School to run an indoor soccer program, called futsal, inside the school's gymnasium. The event is an ongoing activity hosted on Tuesdays during the lunchtime periods.  In addition, SAL deputies run "Futsal Friday" events in the gymnasium after school.

Girls Circle- Girls Circle is currently held at different middle schools across the county.  This program gives young girls a safe and positive environment they can share thoughts and feelings as well as participate in various team building activities. Female Deputies are on hand to provide mentorship and guidance. 

Intervention- Designed for students who are struggling in school and at home. Students in this program are offered guidance and mentorship from SAL deputies. 

Lunch with SAL/ YSU- Lunchtime with YSU is held every Wednesday at various schools around the county.  This program gives students an opportunity to interact with Deputy Sheriffs on a positive level. Deputies engage, play games, and just hang out with kids during their lunch period. 

Operation Helping Hand- The Objective of Operation Helping Hand is to provide the Sacramento Sheriff's North Station and Central Station with containers filled with unused toys, clothing, school supplies etc. for deputies to place in their patrol vehicles to give to families and kids in need of an extra hand. 

SAL Razorbacks Basketball- The SAL Razorbacks Youth Basketball Program offers the opportunity play on an AAU/Competitive basketball team.  Practices are held twice a week and tournaments on various weekends. 

Youth Leadership Academy- Throughout the course of the school year, the Sheriff's Youth Leadership Academy (SYLA) is offered at several middle schools across the county.  This program guides students to make positive decisions and help them to flourish into the leaders of tomorrow. 

Young Marines- SAL deputies work with the kids in the Young Marine program to develop good character through mentorship, community service, and team building.  

Conflict Management Program- SAL has partnered with the Oak Hill Green Beret Program to offer youth conflict management classes for their student conflict managers. The Green Beret program is designed for teacher selected students to take the role of a peer mediator, for the purpose of helping to solve conflict management problems among their peers.

After School Breakdancing with SAL- SAL has recently partnered with Valley High School's breakdancing club (Universal B-Boys and B-Girls Organization) to allow for students to have a place to practice and learn the art of breakdancing and it's culture during after school hours. SAL deputies are present to guide students through their movement and also to be a positive role model.

** Contact team members of SAL for further information about the programs!