Sheriff's Activities League

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Activities League (SAL) is a juvenile gang and crime prevention program that relies on athletic and academic activities to develop a bond between law enforcement officers and the youth in our community.
SAL will bridge the gap between law enforcement, kids, and the community through sports and instructive activities, and by establishing mentoring relationships. Our mission is to develop productive citizens, build character, and prevent crime. Studies have shown that children who interact with law enforcement officers in a positive way on the ball field or in the classroom will likely grow to respect the laws of the community that law enforcement officers enforce. 

We will promote these values through the leadership of our officers who work hands-on with the youth in our programs, emphasizing the importance of life skills which provide positive enrichment.
As one of the most integral components of the education system, youth sports programs have contributed significantly to the reduction of juvenile delinquency. The considerable financial and administrative support that teachers, parents and coaches give to youth sports is engendered in part by a conviction that athletic participation imparts desirable character traits, educational, social, and cultural values that mitigate the occurrences of juvenile delinquency.  SAL can be an effective tool in this effort.  Its benefit to the youth and to the community in which their families live is immeasurable. 

We are asking for your support, and we are hoping that you will make a financial contribution to our organization.
Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to your partnership in developing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders!

Very truly yours,

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Non-Profit Taxpayer ID # 45-2402757